The unique “Tree and Time” project

Anyone who has ever set foot on the enchanted grounds of the Beelitz sanatoriums, knows about the magic of these grounds. Buildings that resemble old castles and exude an incomparable charm, an extensive old park with an unimaginable variety of species and a history that stretches back over 100 years. Nature, history and architecture seem to merge into a total work of art in this magical place. Inspiration enough for a fascinating project like the sanatoriums park with the treetop path “Tree & Time”. The treetop path opens up a completely new perspective on the unique grounds of the lung sanatorium and the picturesque ruins of the Alpenhaus, which are overgrown with a forest and creepers.

The story of the treetop path began when we, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffmann, first set foot on the grounds of the Beelitz sanatoriums at the end of 2007, before the purchase of the local forest areas, and the magic of this facility overwhelmed and captured us.

A short time later, during a visit to the treetop path in the Hainich National Park, the idea arose to build a similar structure as the nucleus for the revival of the sanatoriums.

The Vollack company, which also built the trail in the Hainich, was a very competent partner right from the start, offering not only technical expertise but also experience in the construction of two high-altitude trails. In the course of the necessary development plan procedure, a financially strong main shareholder was found, with whom the project could be put on a solid footing.

This perfect constellation of know-how, capital and ideas has resulted in a truly unique project that leaves no one untouched.


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How to find us

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By car:

You can reach us via the A9 Berlin – Nuremberg motorway, exit 2 “Beelitz Heilstätten”, or the L88 minor road.

By train:

Take the RE 7 regional express train on the Berlin – Dessau line and get off at Beelitz Heilstätten station, then follow the signs for the “Baumkronenpfad” Beelitz Heilstätten. The entrance is about a five-minute walk away.