What we can recommend

A visit to our treetop walk and the surrounding historic sanatorium grounds can give rise to all kinds of questions. Some visitors want to combine their trip here with another experience in the region. Others are interested in the topics associated with our adventure area. Below you will find an overview of partners that we are happy to recommend:


The Syringhof is one of the largest pumpkin seed growers in Germany. Its direct sales in the farm store are just a 15-minute drive from the treetop path. During the asparagus season (early April to 24 June), you can also buy the famous Beelitz asparagus here – fresh from the field to take home or prepare it directly on your plate. In addition to organic pumpkin oil production – the “green gold” – asparagus, various types of grain, sunflower seeds and other crops are grown here. On around 900 hectares, traditional agriculture and organic farming go hand in hand as a family business.

Um die Produkte frisch und direkt zu vertreiben, entsteht das Feinkost-Segment, das den Direktverkauf der hofeigenen Produkte ermöglicht. Unter „Syring–Feinkost“ finden sich frische und veredelte Feinkostprodukte, die sowohl im eigenen Hofladen als auch deutschlandweit in Hofläden, Feinkostläden, Bioläden, Bäckereien und an diversen Ständen in der Region vertrieben werden.

Werfen Sie einen Blick hinter die Kulissen des Syringshofs und erfahren Sie mehr zu Betrieb und Produktion, um anschließend in der Hofgastronomie feinsten Beelitzer Spargel zu genießen.

Trebbiner Straße 69f
14547 Beelitz-OT-Zauchwitz
Tel.: 03 32 04 – 6380-0

Zur Website des Syringhof: www.syringhof.de

Barefoot park

… soft straw tickles the soles of your feet and the scent of the forest fills your nose. The mud smacks and settles between your toes. And just after the prickly beechnut husks, you can hear the wondrous sound of the stones…

When was the last time you dug your feet into mud or relaxed your head while walking over pine cones and learned lots of exciting things about nature? From April to September, the Beelitz-Heilstätten Barefoot Park – right next to the treetop path – opens its doors to anyone who is looking for the perfect mix of fun, relaxation and nature experience.

Three large barefoot circular trails lead through 15 hectares of deciduous, pine and birch forests over numerous surfaces and past 60 nature experience stations. Impressive lines of sight of the historic buildings of the Beelitz sanatoriums form the framework.

Logo Barfußpark

A perfect mix for body and soul.

To the website of the barefoot park: www.derbarfusspark.de

Note as of 11.04.’20:

Due to the current virus situation, we would like to ask you – at the request of our cooperation partner, the RECURA clinics – to refrain from visiting the clinics themselves and in particular from visiting the cafeterias there with immediate effect – but initially up to and including Easter. Abstand zu nehmen.

RECURA Clinics

We recommend that visitors to the treetop walk visit the Recura cafeteria in quadrant B. Not only does it serve delicious cakes and other dishes, but the historic dining room has been lovingly restored in keeping with its listed status. Anyone who has seen the almost identical Alpenhaus building, a ruin since 1945, will be impressed by the vitality and beauty of the renovated architecture. We are happy to arrange for groups of guests from the treetop walk to have lunch or coffee with our cooperation partner in the sanatorium grounds.

Please note: Photography is not permitted in the dining room!

RECURA Kliniken GmbH is a family business in Berlin-Brandenburg and Central Germany that works for the benefit of its patients. Its patients place their trust in it, which it honors with the highest efforts in therapy, care and research. Today, people are still treated lovingly and competently at the historic site of the Beelitz sanatorium … Medical history continues to be written at this location.

RECURA Kliniken GmbH
Paracelsusring 6a
14547 Beelitz-Heilstätten

Telefon: 033 204 – 22 5 00

To the website of the Recura clinics: www.recura-kliniken.de

The German Tuberculosis Archive Heidelberg

The German Tuberculosis Archive was founded in 1996 by the lung specialist Dr. Robert Kropp in Fulda. Since 2011, the German Tuberculosis Archive (museum and library) has been located in the Rohrbacher Schlösschen on the grounds of the Thorax Clinic. The Rohrbacher Schlösschen is the nucleus of the Thorax Clinic. From 1918 onwards, soldiers suffering from tuberculosis were cared for in its rooms …

The library comprises well over 7,000 volumes (monographs, journals, periodicals, popular science publications, offprints, etc.) relating to tuberculosis and related fields of knowledge.

The Tuberculosis Museum presents posters, historical photos, graphics and posters, moulages, pathological-anatomical specimens, radiological images and old screen-viewing devices in five rooms. A visit to the museum is only possible as part of a guided tour. Admission is free.

The support association secures the financial basis for the German Tuberculosis Archive and aims to provide a forum for a lively exchange of thoughts and ideas for all those with a connection to the subject of tuberculosis. Baumkronenpfad Beelitz-Heilstätten / HPG Projektentwicklungs GmbH is a member of the association.

We recommend both a visit and membership to those interested in spreading and preserving knowledge about tuberculosis and your treatment history.

The German Tuberculosis Archive at the Thorax Clinic in Heidelberg | Röntgenstraße 1 | 69126 Heidelberg |

To the website of the Tuberculosis Archive: www.tb-archiv.de

Asparagus farm Klaistow “Buschmann-Winkelmann”

The asparagus and adventure farm in nearby Klaistow is a family business. With 600 hectares of asparagus and around 100 stalls in Berlin-Brandenburg, it is one of the largest asparagus farms in the Beelitz region. In addition to Beelitz asparagus, strawberries, blueberries and pumpkins are also grown here. There is also a lot to experience on the extensive farm. The farm store, playground, natural deer enclosure, climbing forest, petting meadow and many farm events offer a wide range of activities for the whole family.

Barn restaurant and farm restaurant, with beer garden, offer plenty of space for hungry guests.

The farm is open daily from April to December!

Spargelhof Klaistow
Glindower Straße 28
14547 Beelitz
Telefon:  033 206 – 61 0 70

To the website of the asparagus farm: www.spargelhof-klaistow.de

Sea buckthorn garden in Petzow

Located directly on Lake Glindow – just a 15-minute drive from the treetop path – nature and sea buckthorn enthusiasts will find a three-hectare garden full of sea buckthorn, herbs and wild fruits. A snack bar, the farm store with many regional products, a specialty market and a bistro & café with a lake view terrace invite you to linger.

The family business Christine Berger GmbH & Co KG dedicates its entire commitment to sea buckthorn and other – often forgotten – wild fruits and herbs. After reunification, Christine Berger continued the culture of sea buckthorn cultivation that already existed in the GDR and took over the former sea buckthorn plantations of an LPG in the early 1990s.

Today, the company not only cultivates around 150 hectares of certified organic sea buckthorn, but also uses it to produce numerous products under the Sandokan brand – such as organic sea buckthorn juice, sea buckthorn liqueur, sea buckthorn fruit spreads and sea buckthorn wine. The company now also has its own cosmetics line, which makes use of the valuable properties of sea buckthorn. Daughter Dorothee Berger is now responsible for the management of the family business. As a graduate engineer in food technology, she ensures the gentle processing of the sea buckthorn and organizes the distribution of the sea buckthorn products and raw materials.

Christine Berger GmbH & Co. KG
Fercher Straße 60
14542 Werder OT Petzow
Tel.: 03327 4691-0
To the Sandokan website: www.sandokan.de

City Hotel Beelitz

The privately run City Hotel Beelitz is located in the middle of the historic old town of Beelitz. It offers you the right accommodation for your individual needs. The City Hotel Beelitz is an individually managed city hotel.

The hotel meets the requirements of business and individual travelers and fulfills their multiple needs. The hotel’s aim is to always be a reliable partner for its guests. The warm and cozy atmosphere invites you to linger, relax and work.

Hotel Stadt Beelitz
Berliner Straße 195
14547 Beelitz
Telefon: +49 (0)33204 – 4770
To the website of the hotel: www.hotel-stadt-beelitz.de

Pension Pauline

The “Pauline” guesthouse offers 7 rooms and a 41 m² apartment. Both the rooms and the apartment have a shower and WC as well as a TV.

The vacation apartment, for 2 persons, is a fully equipped apartment in mint condition. You have the possibility to use WLAN in all rooms.

If you would like breakfast, this will be prepared for you.

pension pauline
Marion Pelz
Nürnbergstr, 37
14547 Beelitz
Telefon: +049 172 860 9511

To the website of Pension Pauline: www.pension-pauline.de

City of Beelitz

In addition to the sanatorium grounds, the historic old town of Beelitz is a tempting place to take a stroll through history. But the villages belonging to Beelitz are also worth a tour by bike or car. 

Beelitz is widely known for its asparagus. However, word has got around that the town is worth a visit all year round, as asparagus is followed by strawberries, blueberries, aronia berries and pumpkins. The rural culinary highlights are accompanied by numerous events, so that a visit is always a great family experience.

Destinations could include the oldest village church in Brandenburg in Kanin, the salt fountain in Salzbrunn or the asparagus museum in Schlunkendorf, as well as a stop in Körzin, one of the smallest districts of Beelitz.

With its location in the Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park, Beelitz has a lot to offer nature lovers.

To the website of the town of Beelitz: www.beelitz.de

Fläming Tourism Association.

The task of the Fläming Tourism Association is to promote all forms of tourism and local recreation in cooperation with all involved and interested parties and thus also to serve the economic development of the region. The Fläming Tourism Association is committed to marketing the Fläming travel region. This is a cross-district and cross-state travel region in which the districts of Potsdam-Mittelmark and Teltow-Fläming in Brandenburg and the districts of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Jerichower Land and Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt are involved. 

Logo TV Fläming

To the website of the tourism association: www.reiseregion-flaeming.de

German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

From April 1945 to August 1994, the Beelitz sanatoriums were the largest military hospital in the Soviet Union / Russia outside the home country. This was therefore the longest period of use by a sponsor of these medical facilities.

If you are interested in the prehistory of the stationing of the eastern allies of the anti-Hitler coalition in Germany, we recommend a visit to Berlin-Karlshorst!

The German-Russian Museum is the only museum in Germany with a permanent exhibition commemorating the war of annihilation against the Soviet Union, which has gone down in Soviet and post-Soviet historiography as the Great Patriotic War.

The redesigned museum was (re)opened on May 10, 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe. In 1997, another nation was added to the initially exclusively German-Russian association with the then “Museum of the Great Patriotic War” (today: Museum of Ukraine in the Second World War) in Kiev, before the current sponsorship from four nations was sealed a year later with the inclusion of the “Museum of the Great Patriotic War” in Minsk (Belarus).

Free admission
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. / closed on Mondays

Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst
Zwieseler Straße 4
D-10318 Berlin
Telefon.: +49 (0)30 – 501 508-10
To the website of the museum: www.museum-karlshorst.de

Werder (Havel) resort

The town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Brandenburg and is just a stone’s throw away from the Beelitz sanatoriums. The historic old town on the island, the Havel landscape and the fruit and wine-growing tradition attract day-trippers.

Water sports enthusiasts are offered an extensive network of waterways with a large number of marinas and a service structure that is hard to find anywhere else in Brandenburg. Boats of all sizes and equipment classes can be rented or chartered for your vacation. In the middle of the old town there is a rest area for water hikers – as well as a camper van site.

The European Cycle Route 1 and the Havel Cycle Route cross the town, and if you want to experience the fruit blossom up close in spring, take the panoramic fruit trail through the plantations.

At the foot of the “Werderaner Galgenberg” vineyard, the town’s tourist information office has been based in a former fruit farm, the “Lindowschen Haus”, since summer 2019.

To the Werder website: www.werder-havel.de

SteinTherme Bad Belzig

The SteinTherme in Bad Belzig – in the middle of the “Hoher Fläming” nature park, has stood for health and well-being for 15 years now. With a salt content of around 20 % and a temperature of 30 °C, the iodine-rich brine bubbles up from a depth of 775 meters. Known for its positive health effects, it is used in all areas of the spa.

The thermal brine strengthens the heart and circulatory system, relieves muscles and joints, clears the airways and improves the complexion. Architecturally modeled on an erratic boulder typical of the landscape, the SteinTherme offers its guests relaxation as well as numerous offers to preventively promote personal fitness.

Consisting of the “BadeWelt” with six indoor and outdoor thermal brine and warm water pools, a spacious “SaunaWelt” with an outdoor garden, three catering areas and the therapy/wellness & beauty area, everyone can find their own personal break from everyday life. Here, visitors can unwind and forget about stress.

To the website of the Steintherme: www.steintherme.de


Many visitors to the former “Arbeiterheilstätten Beelitz bei Berlin” of the former Berlin State Insurance Institute are impressed by the stories our guides tell about everyday life in Berlin around 1900 and want to delve deeper into this world. We recommend a visit to the ZiLLEMUSEUM in Berlin’s Nikolai quarter! Heinrich Zille was probably the most important chronicler of the big city and its social problems at the turn of the last century.

With more than 150 exhibits, the ZiLLEMUSEUM presents visitors with an important part of Berlin and German art and cultural history.

Currently on display are the permanent exhibition ‘Life and Work’, the special exhibition ‘Zille Exhibition Posters from 60 Years’, the photo exhibition ‘Time Travel Zille’ and in our cabinet ‘Eroticism from the Master’ drawings and books on the cycle ‘Whore Talks’ written by Zille under the pseudonym W. Pfeifer, which was immediately banned by the Prussian censors when it was published in 1921.

In the cinema room, you can relax and watch excerpts from the film “Det war Zille sein Milljöh” by Irmgard von zur Mühlen. The film begins with a self-portrait of Zille and shows unique shots of the artist and Berlin.

11.00 – 18.00 daily / 11am – 6pm daily

(not open on 24.12., 25.12.2019 and 01.01.2020)

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

ZiLLEMUSEUM des Heinrich Zille Freundeskreis e.V.
Propststr. 11
10178 Berlin
Telefon: 030 – 24632500
Zur Website des Zillemuseums: www.zillemuseum-berlin.de

Schönhagen airfield

The Schönhagen airfield is one of the most important airfields in Germany and the largest in the new federal states. The entire range of general aviation can be found here. The airfield is optimally equipped for business aviation and also offers private and leisure pilots an attractive base. In the aircraft category up to twelve tons MTOM, Schönhagen is developing into the most important reliever airfield for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). At present, 34 companies and five associations are located directly on the airfield site. A further 39 companies based in Berlin and Brandenburg have stationed their aircraft in Schönhagen and handle their flight operations from there. 170 aircraft are currently housed in the hangars at Schönhagen.

The attractive location on the edge of the fast-growing economic region, south of Berlin, between Potsdam and the Schönefelder Kreuz junction, gives the Schönhagen site additional impetus, which will also be nurtured in the future by the construction of the major international airport BER. The airport is easily accessible via the highways, federal highways and regional railroads, which are constantly being expanded. However, Schönhagen is not just an airfield, Schönhagen is also a competent partner for business relocations, research, conferences, events and innovative technologies.

The airfield is embedded in the forest, heathland and lake landscape of the Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park. The long-standing cooperation with the nature park administration shows that nature and technology do not have to be opposites, but can develop in harmony.

As the largest airfield in the new federal states, we are a strong partner for aviation and, with our growing technology park, an excellent location for innovative companies.
Here you will find aircraft and helicopter hangars, avionics specialists and aircraft manufacturers, flight schools and charter companies, flying clubs and restaurants.

In Schönhagen you can park your aircraft, set up a company or rent a hangar for an event.



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