facts hard as steel

The treetop path was built as a hot-dip galvanized steel structure made of standard S235 structural steel.

  • Total height to the top edge of the roof of the viewing platform: 40.50 meters (from ground level 67.40 m above sea level)

  • Total length of the treetop path: more than 700 meters.
  • Total weight of the steel structure: approx. 690 tons of steel

  • 200 steps up to the top viewing platform of the tower

  • KONE elevator across all levels up to the top viewing platform

  • Levels at 7.20m / 14.40m / 21.60m / 28.80m / and 36.00m

  • Wooden decking on the path and platforms made of Siberian larch

  • Foundation volume approx. 1,100 m³ of concrete. This corresponds to a weight of almost 3 million kilograms of concrete.

  • Height (or depth) of the individual foundation blocks: 1.50 to 2.00 meters

  • Anchoring of the steel structure to the foundation with threaded tie rods in the dimension M64.

„Hiking where usually only birds fly“

Walking in treetops

The view stretches as far as Berlin and across to Fläming. The view from the top level of the observation tower is spectacular, which, like the treetop walk itself, can be reached by elevator. The “Alpenhaus” World War II ruins have been bridged by our treetop path since 2015. A unique canopy forest has been growing on it since 1945. Visitors can explore this and around 65 tree and shrub species in the historic Heilstättenpark from a unique, barrier-free perspective.

The path swings over the building and reveals views of ingrown bedsteads and door frames that have been exposed to the wind and weather since the building was destroyed.

From above, visitors can see a magical place from a unique perspective and admire the charm of the architecture of the sanatoriums and the historic gardens.

Surrounded by pine forests, the historic Heilstätten site resembles a colorful, sparkling mosaic from above – framed by dark green velvet. Today, around 65 different species of trees and shrubs can still be found in one of the largest forest parks in Brandenburg, which creates a magical play of colors in a variety of shades of green, especially at the beginning of spring. Photographers, on the other hand, often prefer winter, when the interesting motifs of the imperial buildings can be seen through the otherwise leafy branches. All visitors in the fall like the bright red and yellow of the leaves.

Working on the future

The extension of the treetop path completed in 2020 now offers visitors completely new views and perspectives: A newly designed tour provides views of the Heino-Schmieden buildings from the first construction phase (built until 1902) and the south side of the surgery can be viewed from a bird’s eye perspective. Adventure elements such as the Sky Boa and giant hammock have been incorporated into the new building section and guarantee fun for families and visitors from young to old.