The Idea

More than 100 years ago, the famous “Beelitzer Heilstätten” were created
. Nowadays, a unique tree top and time travel path (barrier free) is winding above the World War II ruins of an Alpine house. In the old days, the working population of the imperial capital of Berlin was supposed to recover from the then rampant tuberculosis surrounded by the finest architecture and extensive forest parkways. Ever since, the flow of time with all its exciting developments and of course with many – very different – occupants and visitors has left its distinctive and visible marks. During your visit, you will discover the old buildings which, resembling old castles, exude their very own unrivalled beauty and charm.

Either on your own or as part of a guided tour you can stroll through a world in which normally only birds spread their wings. Here, you will get some exciting and unique insights into the history, stories and nature related to this place rescued from destruction. The 40-metre-tall viewing tower offers some spectacular views and vistas, from the Fläming region all the way to Berlin. The lift takes you all the way to the top.

“It was only when I put my wish into practice
which I had cherished from a young age,
when I started to study architecture
a joyful life began inside of me.”

Heino Schmieden, 1835 1913

The architect Heino Schmieden shaped the face of various German cities in the Wilhelmine era, particuarly through the creation of public buildings. Concert halls, museums, courts, university and administrative buildings – and first and foremost hospitals
were designed by Schmieden. For this reason, he was the leading archi
tect during the founding and erection phases of the Beelitz sanatoriums (1898-1902).

Together with his childhood friend and business companion Martin Gropius he strove to create a modern, people-oriented form of architecture which considered creative beauty to be an inextricable part of the function of a building. The Beelitz sanatoriums are a proof of this pretence. The architectural critic Gerwin Zohlen wrote in 2012: “Even in today’s ruinous and shredded state the Beelitz sanatoriums are the hard-to-grasp document of an architectural and aesthetic overspill as well as overvalue, which was dedicated to social and medical purposes in its day. The dignity, stance and the commitment which the sanatoriums eradiate appear to be almost unimaginable today, particularly so as all these efforts were made for the lower and middle classes. And at the same time, they are a testimony of the architectural skills which certainly existed 100 years ago.”

©Baum&Zeit Baumkronenpfad Beelitz-Heilstätten Ruine Alpenhaus mit Dachwald


  • Children on their birthday: free
  • Children up to 6 years of age supervised by an adult: free
  • Adults from 18 years of age: €9,50
  • Children and adolescents 7-17 years of age: €7,50
  • Pensioners, students, disabled people, pupils (presentation of valid identification required): €8.50
  • Family ticket, 2 adults and own children/grand children under 18 years of age: €25.00
  • Family ticket, 1 adult and own children/grand children under 18 years of age: €16.00
  • Groups with at least 15 paying participants paying together, per person: €8.50
  • School classes/kindergarten/etc.: upon request
  • Annual ticket: €25.00
  • Annual ticket for children: €15.00
  • Annual ticket for families, adults and own children/grand children under 18 years of age: €60.00

Opening hours 2019

  • March: daily 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
  • April through October: daily 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
  • November & December: Saturday & Sunday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
  • Special opening hours for events (e.g. “Lange Nächte” (Long Nights) and school holiday events), see the website for public and school holidays:

The ticket office closes one hour before closing time!

How to find us

  • A9 motorway Berlin – Leipzig – Nürnberg → Exit 2 Beelitz-Heilstätten (direct access to the car park of the “Tree Top Walk” via the roundabout).
  • B2 highway Potsdam – Wittenberg – Leipzig→ in Beelitz follow the signs to Beelitz-Heilstätten respectively Baumkronenpfad.
  • RB7 regional train Berlin – Dessau→ Beelitz-Heilstätten station→ signs towards Baumkronenpfad.
  • European Bicycle Route R1 London – Berlin – St. Petersburg→ On the sanatorium’s premises go towards the L88 road (Beelitz-Lehnin).


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14547 Beelitz, Germany
You can contact us by phone on
+49(0)33 204-634 723.
e-mail: info@baumundzeit.de
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The Park

The forest park

Long stays in the fresh air, such as extensive walks and rest cures, were part of the therapies in Beelitz in any season of the year. Before even the first building of the sanatorium was erected the gardens were designed to benefit the patients with the help of the gardeners of the nearby imperial parks of Potsdam. A part of the original pine forest was integrated into the park landscape. Even today, around 65 different tree and shrub species are to be found on the premises, which creates a marvellous play of colours particularly in the spring and in the autumn. This floral splendour is complemented by countless flowers in large flower beds.

A special botanical highlight is the forest roof on top of the World War II ruin of the Alpine house. Trees have been growing here since 1945. Also the other castle-like buildings are grown over by climbing plants and pioneer plants provide some extravagant motifs which are usually to be expected on temples in the jungle. Step by step, the old structures of the park are brought back to the light of day. Go ahead and discover them!

Around the tree top walk

Two different walks with nature guide Claas Fischer will lead you to the remarkable woods in the sanatorium park, making you familiar with their identifying characteristics and providing interesting facts about their ecological, medical and culinary benefits. These walks are exciting complements to your individual discoveries on the Tree Top Walk.


Tour 1: 
(in the discovery area/Start: behind the pay desk) This tour provides a view of the trees and bushes around the World War II ruin and the Tree Top Walk.

Tour 2: (outstide the discovery area/Start: in front of the pay desk) This tour introduces the woods in the sanatorium’s large forest park area.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price per person: €6.00
  • Group price: €100.00 for up to 20 participants respectively €120.00 from 20 participants.
  • All prices plus admission fee to the Tree Top Walk.
  • Fixed dates: 29+30 April, 1 May, 4 June, 30 September, 1, 2+3 October, 28, 29, 30 and 31 October.

(Start tour 1: 11am, tour 2: 1pm, as at 02/17)
Information for individual bookings: +49(0)33 204-634 723

Guided tours

Zeitenwandel – Wandelzeiten
(Changing times – time to stroll)

A walk through the history of and stories about the Beelitz sanatorium

You will spend one hour strolling along the historical paths of the Beelitz sanatoriums together with our knowledgeable tour guides, getting to know some interesting and funny details from the patients’ lives between the solarium, the dining hall and the Alpine gorge. Discover this magnificent area with its more than 100 years of history, which offers various relics from the ever-changing German history. Gain insights into the premises’ architecture and nature.


  • Weekdays 11 am & 2 pm, on weekends 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm and 3:30 pm.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price per person: €6
  • For groups a reservation in advance is required*
  • Package price: up to 25 participants €100.00 respectively from 26 participants €120.00.
  • Group size: 40 participants maximum.
  • All prices plus admission fee to the Tree Top Walk.

Tour in german language.

*Reservations on +49(0)33 204-632 743
or gruppen@baumundzeit.de


What would a trip into the countryside be without a delicious snack, a cosy lunch or a piece of cake?

Gastronomy in the discovery area of “Baum & Zeit”

In the pavilion of the “Bisto am Baumkronenpfad” (60 seats capacity inside), beside the viewing tower and a playground, a young team welcomes you with their culinary offers. During the main season, the
large terrace and the beer garden
offer some space in the open (approx. 200 seats).

Culinary offers near the discovery area “Baum & Zeit”

In the immediate vicinity of the discovery area, for which an admission ticket is required, you will find the “Restaurant & Landhotel Gustav” (approx. 600 metres from the pay desk) is immensely popular. It is located directly on the L88 road, which divides the quadrants A and B of the Beelitz sanatoriums.

We recommend that those who have visited the destroyed dining hall inside the Alpine house across the L88 road to enter the historical building of the former men’s clinic. Here you will find a dining hall which is identical in construction to that in the Alpine house. Having been refurbished, it now houses the cafeteria of the “Recura” clinics. Guests are welcome to dine here.

Tip: The Tree Top Walk is situated in the middle of the Beelitz Asparagus District. Do not miss this delicacy during its high season (spring until 24 June).

Even more…

For visitors who appreciate the extraordinary, every day in the discovery area “Baum & Zeit” is the right day to visit!

What is more, on some days we even offer a bit more. Highlights this year are definitely the events called “Sommernachtstraum“ (Midsummer Night‘s Dream) (23 and 24 June 2017) and “Lange Nächte“ (Long Nights) (8 and 22 July as well as 5 and 12 August).

Further dates, preliminary information, tickets and vouchers are available at the pay desk and on www.baumundzeit.de